Your Local Band

Web-based tools for small local bands to get their music heard.

When I hear and enjoy a song from a little-known local artist, I wonder "Is this song wore than massively popular hits?" And the answer is clear: "No." Music from small, unknown artists is just as worthy of listen as the professionally produced musical products heard on the radio and corporate playlists.

Why isn't my music heard more?

If your music is just as good as the big players, how come their songs have millions of listens and your have so few?

Only one thing: marketing. The big players have huge promotion budgets and access to channels directly to millions of potential fans. How can you compete with that?

The Democratization of Music

We don't need music labels like we used to. Today, almost anyone can make decent home recordings and distribute them worldwide on streaming services. Unfortunately, your music can be easily lost among the huge number of other artists out there. The challenge is finding potential fans and connecting them to your songs. That's the problem that YourLocal.Band seeks to create tools to help solve.

Apply for a Beta Web Site

Initial development with a small group of users is ongoing. As soon as the core feature set and platform stabilize, I will be expanding the beta group. If you are interested in early access to promotional tools and are willing to regularly contribute feedback, please fill out the form below and I'll contact you as soon as spots become available.